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Artificial Intelligence

Freelance service

Looking for project based support? We offer a wide range of services.
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All in one

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Freelance service

Looking for project based support? We offer a wide range of services.
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Data Consulting

With experience from scale-up and market leader companies, we support conceptualising and designing data solutions at scale. This can include starting with AI or building data-backed solutions to optimize processes.

Hands-on implementation

If you are working on a project and require a technical implementation, we will help to overcome these. By being hands-on ourselves, we will help to improve your work if needed.

Building teams

Building teams from scratch can be hard. We help to kick-off this process, run interviews and define requirements for a team.

Hi, I am Agostino 👋

Let me introduce myself.

I am an experienced Data Scientist that focuses on usecases for companies that are looking to start their data journey.

In the past I have worked in scale-ups, built and expanded data-driven products. In my most recent positions I have been part of an industry leading company and built innovative AI solutions to enhance sales and revenue.

Currently, I am helping companies to explore opportunities to leverage their data and AI to build their first AI-products.

I am looking forward to get to know you and hearing your story!

Road to success

Success happens in steady, small steps.

I am a strong believer of only building products, if they add value to the business. This is why I spend time on a through analysis with the team to identify the areas where data products have the biggest impact.

Only if the opportunity is worth pursuing, we will start the project.

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Unlock the Power of Machine Learning with a Fast and Robust Lifecycle:

This book provides a practical framework for creating a standardized and optimized machine learning lifecycle that delivers reliable, efficient, and scalable results. It covers every stage of the machine learning lifecycle, from project design to monitoring.

The book includes a flexible checklist that can be used in almost any project. With clear explanations, real-world examples, and best practices, this book offers valuable guidance for data scientists, engineers, and business leaders. It is useful for building a machine learning team from scratch or improving an existing one. This book will help you create a robust and scalable ML lifecycle that drives innovation and growth.

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Rashmi D'Souza
Product Lead at N26

" I've worked with Tino for over a year while he built ml models for credit use cases. It was an incredible collaboration. He is methodical in his approach, takes time to understand the problem space & ensure the models he builds unlock business value. He helped improve the automated decisions in the app by introducing ml models which helped launch features to new markets. He iterated quickly & was one of the member that built the foundations for moving to model based decisioning. Tino is amazing to work with, always positive and constantly looking for ways to improve things! I look forward to working with him again!"

Ramin Goo
Founder at Life, Founder at Viani Food

" I had the privilege of getting to know Tino as an outstanding problem solver in our team at Kochhaus GmbH. He was in charge of purchasing, forecasting, and data analysis for our start-up in the retail and online delivery (cooking box) sector. In particular, Tino solved complex sales and volume planning excellently through ambitious data mining. At all times, it was an extraordinary pleasure to work with such a highly reliable team player as Tino."

Dillon Brooks
Data Analyst at Weebly

"We were looking for a freelancer and contacted Tino. He helped us setting up our dashboards for commercial funnels and created our first reporting structure. In our time together I really enjoyed working with him due to his collaborative approach and sharp business acumen. Not only was he patient when it came to explaining technical aspects to non-technical stakeholders, but he also went for the extra mile whenever he could.
I would book him for any freelance gig in the future and can recommend bringing him on board!"


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